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Pencil enthusiast, paper cut expert, jack of all trades, master of (almost) everything

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Nicole Jordan Performance Librarian
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Heya! Nicole here.

Nicole Jordan Performance Librarian

My purpose in creating an online space was not really for me, but for people like you (yes you, person reading this). In June 2020, my life changed overnight when The Philadelphia Orchestra, my hometown orchestra, announced my appointment as its next Principal Librarian after I won an arduous audition process (during a pandemic at that!). And since that announcement, I’ve received countless messages from friends and strangers alike on social media channels and both my work and personal email addresses (how did you even find those?!) expressing your warm wishes, congratulatory words and words of encouragement, asking for career advice and/or mentorship, seeking opportunities to work with me in various capacities, and the one that surprises and humbles me the most: sharing stories of how my story and my success have inspired you in your life and/or career.



That last one gets me every single time.

If I’m being honest, I never imagined any of this could /would come from winning an orchestra job, but it has. And I am grateful it has. And I am grateful for you. So, I wanted to create a centralized space for you to get to know me and to connect with me and vice versa. This is that space and I welcome you to it! Explore! Enjoy! And I hope to hear from you soon!

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"Nicole is a highly skilled performance librarian, but there is more to her than that. She is knowledgeable, curious, self-aware, and is dedicated to her craft. More importantly, she is willing to share her knowledge and experiences in the field with others. She is the future of MOLA and exemplifies the levels one can reach when they work hard towards their career goals." 

-Marcia Farabee, Principal Librarian

National Symphony Orchestra (retired)

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