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Public Speaking

Public Speaking Services


Interested in having me speak at your event?

Here are some topics that I cover:

  • Audition preparation for performance librarians

  • Interview preparation and mastery for performance librarians

  • Florence Price

  • Score and sheet music best practices/tips and tricks for composers

Want to create a custom talk for your audience?

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Nicole Jordan Performance Librarian
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"Nicole's dedication and desire to fully realize and respect the intentions of a composer are simply of top order. It is this drive that creates a positive energy - a tangible enthusiasm - on each new musical discovery. Her inquisitiveness and willingness to collaborate are priceless characteristics that make each new project we work together on a highlight - and in turn culminates in a new edition of concert music masterpieces that will be on the music stands of performers around the globe."

- Peter Stanley Martin, Director or Production

G. Schirmer, Inc./Associated Music Publishers and Group Head of Editorial at Wise Music Classical 

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